Downloaded Prom Dresses 2013 dingbat font Evening Dresses the website won't print Hi!I have downloaded a new ttf font, 'hearts of lime', which is a dingbat font of heart designs.I need to use one on the wedding programs i am designing for my brother's wedding.The problem i am having is that when i open a word document and type one or any number of this font, it will not print out at my printer.I just get an empty unprinted sheet spit out.I have downloaded many fonts and never had this problem.I thought maybe the downloaded font itself was corrupted somehow, so i deleted it and got it from another reliable source.It still doesn't work.I have noticed that if i type the designs, then copy them, paste them to ms paint, then copy and paste them back to the original document, they will print out.But they are somewhat compromised and pixelated, not sharp like i need.I tried copying, cutting and pasting all on the original document, w/o using paint, and then they will not print.Please, does anyone know what is happening?I have installed the font correctly, by extracting it to c\windows\fonts, and it is visible in the font folder.I have never had problems before, even with very intricate detailed dingbats.My printer is a canon pixma ip1600 and Sexy Prom Dresses UK the computer is a 1.5 yr old emachine with windows xp.Thanks!Martha: )